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I realized I was such a fool

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Dear Diary,
I have returned because you are the best listener I know and right now, I need someone to talk to. It sounds like we have a toxic relationship because I'm using you, but, painful truth be told, you are an object. Sorry for being mean; I have had a bad day. That's not what I want to talk about, though. Today, I'm remembering past mistakes.
"Humans are stupid." At least that's what a wise yet crazy person that I know says. Thinking about what I did last year, I have to admit that he is right.
  You know, throughout high school, I have had a geography teacher as a homeroom teacher. She was fairly young and still enthusiastic to share her knowledge, so she organized many field trips. The first one was in the fourth week of 9th grade. At that time, I still wasn't comfortable around my new classmates and I had already been to the city they were planning to visit during summer break. This is why I decided to stay at home. The teachers were understanding and didn't give us any homework, so I had 2 days to spend as I pleased. On Monday, all of my classmates were tired and/or hungover. Turns out, they had had a lot of fun. They didn't like the sightseeing that much, but the evenings and nights were spent in the most enjoyable way. They played all sorts of games, talked, played pranks on each other, got drunk (even though alcoholic drinks weren't allowed), talked some more, inevitably threw up and went to bed in the morning. The most visible effect of this outing, however, was that they bonded a lot and groups were formed.
I realized how much I had missed out on and how my timidity turned me into an outsider (grossly exaggerated). But then, I'll make lots of bad decisions in my life; I just have to deal with that somehow. I have to get past my own foolishness...

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The next time you should go with your friends. Although they might seem a little bit crazy at first, you will discover that they are really friendly and nice. A lot of crazy things happen during a field-trip but these are the memories that will remain for ever. Join them next time! Love your writing by the way.



I think that something similar happened to me this school year. My school organized a trip after a month of school, and like you I wasn't very comfortable with my classmates and I decided to not go. A huge mistake, i guess..... They have done a lot of funny things and they made friendships with people from others classes. My luck was that i am in this school from 5th grade, so it's my 5th year here and i already knew some people from others classes and even in my class. It's right, you missed one oportunity, but you will not miss others.



I totally get you. I am an introvert and I am not that good with people, especially large groups. But, next time, when you are ready to go, find your people. You just have to find that people you feel comfortable with. If you don't like drinking, stay with the ones that don't do that. There are so many more things you can do to have fun in a trip beside being drunk. It's ok to not be comfortable around new people, so don't ever feel bad about it. What I'm trying to say is, have fun, but do it as you. Find your people and make the best of your life, after all we only have one.



i've said it several times on this page, but i'll say it again: i know it's hard, but don't let other people define you. if they're having fun getting drunk, let them, focus on yourself (but not in a narcissistic way)


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » I realized I was such a fool