Relationships usually represent people that are involved in them because the partners would be a piece of each other - what they do and what they think. More than that, relationships of love are very important in everyone's lives, as people are no longer alone, but they can share beautiful feelings with the people who make them feel the best. I believe that long distance relationships are not possible, or at least they are short-term once. They say "out of sight - out of mind". I think so for a number of reasons:
          First of all, a relationship must always be evolving, or if those two parties of the couple are physically far from each other and do not see ......... for long periods of time, the relationship do.... not grow. When you are always close to the person you love, you can share both the good times you go through and the bad moments, as well. The role of your beloved person is always to be there for you, no matters what happens. He/she has to offer the confidence and support you need in every difficult moment of your life. That person is the one who understands you and helps you to overcome that period of time. Distance limits the contacts of physical kind. For example: hugs, insights, kisses, cuddles, which are very important and are irreplaceable. A phone message or conversation will no longer have the same effect on you as your lover would have when he/she was close to you.
          Secondly, a long distance relationship reduces much of the feelings that both partners have from the beginning, as lack of daily contact leads to loss of communication, loss of trust, and therefore to oblivion. If you do not communicate for a long time with the person you love, if you do not see him or her, if you do not spend time with your partner, of course the intensity of the feelings will be a lower one. The lack of confidence ruins a relationship little by little. For example(aici nu urmeaza un exemplu), communication is the most important thing in a relationship and especially the one face to face. It is more efficient, because it involves the non-verbal language, which could not be seen at a distance. No matter how strong the feelings are, they could disappear. If the communication is a poor one, a separation will follow.
          Admittedly, the feelings are those that have the most significant role in a relationship and if they are really strong, the relationship will resist and flourish, regardless of the issues they might have. When two people really love each other, love is the one that deals with the mileage that separates the partners, and the lost time that could have been spent together. However, feelings play an important role, but they can disappear if they are not maintained. This maintenance is accomplished by carrying out activities together, by sharing all thoughts and ideas, which is impossible to do at a distance.
          In conclusion, long-distance relationships are not possible, as the key of success in a relationship is to spend as much time with your loved one as you can, all good and bad times. In this way you can discover and rediscover the person for whom you have certain feelings, which at a distance is not feasible. In the future I wish all people to be more patient and wise in the relationships, in order to be happy and fulfilled. Stay by the side of the person you love!

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