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I got lucky

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Iíve never been a lucky person in my entire life. Thereís always something to ruin my plans or my whole day.
I donít hate school but I prefer to stay home rather than learn geography.
So back in middle school I was trying to avoid everything related to geography especially because another teacher ........ took[preluase] over our class, so it was even harder to get out of it.
So here iím sitting in the back of the class, waiting for another bad grade to shop up, when the teacher came to me and said the needs me for a charity project. I accepted immediately, and she gave me some details about all this event and she promised me that sheíll give me a ten for participating.
At first, I was most attracted to this project for the grade but when i actually got in contact with those kids I realized that it was much more important to them than what I was thinking.
Itía awful not to have a family which you can make confessions to and spend time with, and that day I got lucky because in fact I learned something more about life and i found out that there are more realistic problems than mine with geography.

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Wow... I'm moved. I have the same problem with geography. I'm not the best at reading the lesson home over and over again, I'm more the "I learn during the class" pupil. I think you're right; we should be aware that there are worse problems than a bad grade. If it means anything to you, I want you to know that you brought at least one person to awareness.



That is one of the greatest life lessons!
The truth is that we all have our family problems, social problems, etc, but there is always a person whose problems are greater than ours, and that is why we all have to be thankful with our life, our family, our status and our friends!



OMG iím in The same situation! I donít like geography although there are many interesting things you can learn. Is good to know where are you from, The advantages and disavantages of your country. And yes, it isnít a realistic problem The geography!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Practical stuff » I got lucky