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My neighbors have very interesting lives while i'm sitting in my house in front of my computer watching shows, eating and complainig about everything. why do i say that? well, because one of them is a really talented contemporary dancer, and surprise: she is 51 years old. her name is ms jane. she cooks some delicious cookies and she gives some of them to us whenever she is visiting. another neighbour of mine is a sculptor. his sculptures are really impressing and he hopes he would have them in an art gallery one day. what a lovely man. his name is gordon and he has three girls. really nice girls, two of them singing and one of them is a model. as i said, then there is me. floating through life, waiting for a mircale ti happen. i hope i'll find my talent and destiny too, sooner or later.



this was absolutely amazing. i felt the little stories you have put in these writing, but can you please do it with more details? like, i would enjoy more things about ms jane and gordon with his daughters, and you would have a better grade. what a trade! what a rhyme! everyone happy, and poetic, too! ;)



very interesting composition! details about your neighbors know enough, you have neighbors like you have!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Neighbour