At 50 km of my house there is a market. There they sell the best vegetables and fruits in the whole neighborhood. That market is called Tincuţa Square. My mom wants me to buy only from there. She says there is naturally ....... there, with no chemicals. She also taught me to take care of what aliments I use.
         I like the way it looks. It is in the shape of a tent and the net that covers it is a green green. Everything is well organized and each trader has a license to sell in that place. Because I was very small to buy from there already everyone knew me. That was good because when I went to pick up some sellers I was getting the best. In the last few weeks, people have been selling dairy or meat, which seems to me pretty good.
          The most common stalls are those with vegetables. There you can find any vegetables you want, from peppers to celery. These stalls are placed on the right side of the entrance. They are also found a little older because they have not changed for a while. On the left are the ones with fruits, where we can find the fruits specific to each season. In this part, the stalls were changed even last week. They were in wood, now they are iron.
       The world there, as I said before, has known me since I was a baby and she is very nice to me. ..............[conjunctie] This is not the reason why I like to go shopping there.

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