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Complain about a restaurant

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Dear Sir,
    I am writing to complain you about some unpleasant aspects which I had last night at your restaurant.
   Firstly, I am dissapointed how bad the food was. The steak I ordered was a strange color, and inside it was dry, I could not even chew. The dessert was too soft and sour  and i couldn't eat it, though the wine was not very good either. I asked for a sweet one, but I received a very bitter one and the bottle was half empty.
Secondly, it was a poor service because of the waiters' attitude.They were in a hurry and careless, so they managed to make me a disappointing evening, plus one of them even offended me. When I said she to bring me a new fork, because it was dirty, she looked indignant and reproached to me saying when she is nat responsebal at my table and I must to talk to her colleague.After that I was go, because I could not stand there with my two little dother.

   I'm sure I'm not the only person who was .... made these observations. So hope you fix your problems and .... I think you should start by replacing certain people or you will have a mach more problem further.
     Yours sincerely,
     Denis Allort

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Congratulations!! Very good in my opinion!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Complain about a restaurant