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Complain about restaurant

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I and my boyfriend decided we were going to eat something because we both died of hunger. So I have proposed that we usually go to vivo or Cao. Marc said that this time we would try something new, something unusual for our tastes and get out of the routine. Although I like my routine, especially to eat my favorite food, I said, "why not?" so I went to Salsa.
........... a small restaurant that looks very fancy. There were lights just at the tables so it was quite intimate and a bit dark, I liked how it was positioned, it was not gaudy and the sauces were put on the table, which had a very tasty look.
                  I ordered a 3 sticks and one serving of potatoes wedges, and Marc took a burrito with a serving of fries. Our stomach hurts, ............. everything looks so good. .............. until I first took the burrito. I thought I ............ swallowed the vomit. I said that maybe only the first one is ................. , maybe it was just the news, but not the beef and the chicken were terrible! I did not believe in my life that I would eat such a bad food. My stomach still needed food so I took a potato. They tasted nothing , they were full of spice, but they did not taste anything.
                I started to get very angry, so I went to the bathroom to wash my face and calm down. Marc gave me a taste of his burrito, but it only seemed to taste the rough pastes of it.
I never thought that Mexican food or it could be cooked so bad....... !!!

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Sometimes it's good to get rid of routine and try new things, but you have to worry about where you are doing it. Maybe next time you'll ask for an opinion about a place you've never been.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Complain about restaurant