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Complain about a restaurant

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Dear Sir,
Iím writting in connection to a restaurant.
On our way to Germany I stopped Valentin's house at the Wallner Hotel. it was night, and at the reception we met the young woman in the family photo. We negotiated the price for a room and we reached the amount of 80 euros with breakfast included. in the room in a closet was a dirty scout which gave us some questions, in the bathroom the soap bottles were empty, we called for others and after much effort we managed to bring the other boy.
Morning at breakfast we took the lady from the family photo to the restaurant, showed us a table where to stay. On the table a half jar with jam, greasy, a basket with melted cheese packs, four slices of parizer, coffee and juice. we overcome all the shortcomings, although at a three star hotel with a Swedish buffet you claim to have a richer breakfast. unexpectedly the lady starts to scream at the price of 80 euros is too little to be included breakfast although we adults have never tasted anything, we let the children eat but stupor: the melted cheese had expired for two weeks. The patron saint came out of her mind, started to scream, made hysteria crises, tossed her packets of cheese and threw them off, motivating them to bring them our children and put them in the basket. We were all stuck and stunned by what was happening to us, we had the feeling that we were somewhere in an underdeveloped country, that never happened to us.
Witnesses to all that happened were a few Austrians from a neighboring local table, but who did not speak. We called the police, they came, we explained the situation, but they told us it was not their problem and they hated us a good way.
All in all, I left with a deep sense of disgust ...



I never was in a same situation and thank God for that, because it's  really terrible to wake up in the morning and don't have anything to eat,especially when you was with your children.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Complain about a restaurant