Sometimes there are some opportunities in life that can bring us a better living on the financial side, or just because we want a better life we go to other places.So we
  have to choose between staying with loved ones and losing the chance or leaving and maintaining a long distance relationship with them.The harder it is for young couples to maintain such a relationship. So the question is: should long distance relationships be encouraged or not?
     On the one hand, any relationship must be based on trust and respect. A long-distance relationship is a perfect opportunity to see if your partner trusts you without
  blaming you for certain facts .Another advantage is that you can find out if your partner's love for you or your love for him is true. Two people who truly love will not fall
  prey to the external temptations and will be able to overcome even the problems of distance. Another advantage would be that reunions between you and your partner
  will be more passionate and emotionally demanding, confirming also that if one of you is pure love.
      On the other hand, any relationship needs physical interaction between partners, kisses, hugs and more. Distance relationships greatly reduce these interactions and
  thus create tension between partners from lack of physical affection. Another disadvantage is the fact that people have many complexities and they think others are
  better than they are, and from this the fear that the partner can find someone else more attractive.
      In my opinion, distant relationships should not be encouraged because the effects of distance make their mark sooner or later, and the relationship may suffer.
      In conclusion, long distance relationships have their advantages and disadvantages, however, only true love can overcome any obstacle.

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