Dear Sir,
Iím writting in connection to a high school.
My name is Luca Malina Elena and I have The pleasure to send you this letter of intent as a First step in exploiting an opportunity for acceptance within your institution.
Firstly, I want to Say that I opt for this high school because Iíve heard many great reviews about it like very good teachers, programs such as Erasmus and Young Partners.
Secondly, I like to respond to The challenge of a new situation and I am convinced that I will be able to successfully meet The requirements because I am a dynamic, creative person with a strategic and communicative thinking.
All in all,In The hope that I gained your trust, I thank you in advance for The chance of an interview, an occasion with which I will be able to give you more details about My person.
                                                           With faithfully,
                                                            Luca Malina-Elena