Dear Sir/Madam

              I'm writing in response to your advertisment in our Iasi reporter newspaper. I would be grateful if you would consider my application for the volunteering at your center.
         I'm a nineteen-year-old University student in the first year and I am very interesed in this position. This would be a perfect opportunity for me to meet new people and communicate with them, to find out as many interesting things as possible.
          I have experience for three years in this domain with the old person and homeless children. In this years I met different people in different cases which impressed me with their life stories and they taught me a lot .
           As far as my personality is concerned,I can consider myself a responsible and punctual person who is never late. More than that, I like to help people find their way in life and to understand the real beauty of it, because everyone needs a person Who will supports you in good and bad
difficult times, and I think I m the right person.       
          Thank you for considering my application. If you wish me to attend an inteview, I am available at any time.

            Yours faithfully,
              Ioana Bulea

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