Dear Sir/Madam,
   I am writing in correlation to the internship at your animal shelter. I wish to apply for the internship regarding the adoption service. I intend to make adoptions  easier and more accessible.
Firstly, I am the proud owner of a cat. I have her for over 5 years and the time that I have spanned with her was incredible. Since my cat made me way happier and responsible, I truly want to help those animals who are without a loving home.
   I already have more than enough ideas on how to find owners for all of our pets. It all starts with making social media accounts so that we could advertise our adoption fairs.
   As for my personality, I am creative, organized, responsible and hardworking. Hopefully I will use all of these qualities while working for you.  I admire everything that this organization stands for.Your cause is honorable and so all pets should be loved and happy.
If you request information about me I am available any time. I look forward to working with you.
April Johns

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