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A whole day at home

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Dear Diary,
   I missed you so much and I thought I ....... lost you! I forgot I put you under my pillow and in these days without you I cried a lot because nobody truly cares about me. I need to tell you about last Saturday.
   It was a cold, rainy day.
   With no work to do, I was staying home and watching a movie on my computer, wrapped in warm blankets and drinking a cup of tea while the storm was throwing  violently rain, drops into my window. Suddenly, my parents entered the room and informed me that  they were going to the theater, so I would stay home alone almost all day. First of all, I was happy because, with nobody stressing me out, I could have a perfect day, but then I remembered a horror story about the house where, before me and my family moved on, was living an old man. The story says that one day, while a family reunion took place in the old man's home, he simply disappeared, lately reappearing disfigured in the yard.
   Anyway, I ignored my thoughts and continued my film when, all of the sudden, the light began to blink and terrified, I closed my eyes. Opening them, I was shook to see myself in a long tunnel. The air was cold and full of fear. I was started walking slowly, feeling my legs very heavy and my soul pressed by something. Though I was really creeped out, I also felt a little bit curious.
   As I continued to walk, I  saw some writing on the wall and, realizing that it was saying "Hurry up or it will catch you!", my breath just stopped. I also noticed that the letters were wrote with blood and down, at my feet was staying a dead person with missing hands and head.
   Eventually, I heard another screaming sound. I looked in the corner from where the sound come and I was terrified to see a huge, black creature with glowing red eyes, giant and sharp teeth and red blood marks all over her body. It was staying on the top of a little girl and devouring her intestines.
   In that moment, my heart started beating so fast that I thought it will explode. I turned around  and I tried to run away  to a bright light I saw in the distance, but the creature heard me and it was approaching.
   I was almost there, at the end of the way, almost touching the light, when I felt an enormous pain in my back. The monster bit me and was pulling me back.
   Finally, I remember it's malefic eyes and then, just a black view. But all of this was just a dream. When I closed my eyes I just felt asleep. That day was so creepy.
   Well, see you next time and I will tell you more about the time I was without you later.

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That's an amazing story!! I really like the way you wrote it and it's very interesting. You made a great horror story and I staied breathless every moment to see what it will happen further. Although I love horror stories this made me feel creepy, but I have to say it again, it was so great! You have the talent to make the reader to continue to read and to turn it on.



What an exciting horror story!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » A whole day at home