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A new place discovered in Roumanie

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Me and my family decided to go on holiday to the Scarisoara Glacier Cave. Once we were there, we started to take photos. I, on the other hand, was too curios to just sit, and I started to explore the cave.
     În the end, I found myself lost but I didn't panic, on the contrary I kept exploring. At some point it was too dark to see, so I turned on the phone's flashlight. By chance, I saw that I didn't have signal. << I bet my parents are freaking out because they don't see me. >> I through that time. I continued to go, without knowing I was going deeper and deeper, until my battery left me without light. Not even two seconds past and I slipped. It wasn't because of a rock, it was because of a downhill. At the end of it, my phone magicaly started and I had light. After a few steps I "entered" in a magicaly word.
     There were new flowers that I have never seen, trees which had their leaves colorful and I there was light even through I was under the ground. Near me was was a gorgeous lake which was shining. I got close to the lake and suddenly a beautiful princess apperead. She asked me who I was and how I have ended up here. After I explained it all to her she told me that this is The Sanctuary of the Different. She told me how to go back home, but once I returned in my world I would forgive everything.
     I jumped in the lake and in one second I found myself next to my parents. They turned to me and told me:"Why are you standing there, come closer, we are going to leave soon". <<Wait! Didn't they realized that I was missing? Wait a second! I am supposed to forget about what happened the last hour, so that means that I had never left. That's why they don't know that I was missing. >>
     I had never told anyone that I discovered a new place. I am just glad that I still remember the moment.

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You have a nice story! I like you put in the composition fantastic elements like that magical world and the moment when you met the princess. The part when you get in that magical world, you could develope more and you could write about more fantastic elements, but it's very good how you wrote it too. :)



I like your idea and I really enjoy the story. But you have to admit the fact that your phone magically started working again is extremely convenient.  And you didn't told to anyone exept for the people who sow your post. Sorry now I'm talking about pointless stuff. Over all great story.



You made a really good story, I like it. You combined very well the real with the fantastic. You should write a book when you will have time for it. But the part with the phone who magically revived wasnt at his place



You have a nice story!
I like that you put in your text some "magic", but it was a little bit childish. In rest it was good and you have a great imagination.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » A new place discovered in Roumanie