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i discovered a new place

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Holy smokes today i ..have.. discovered a new place in my neighborhood.That's very strange because i've been living here all my life and i thought i' ve[/u.] had discovered everything by now, but it seems that I'm very wrong.
So, the new place [u]it
is not that special, ........ it s like a small pond near my home with two benches where you can sit down and enjoy the view, maybe talk about life, with friends or something like that - you decide.How i discovered this place, you wonder?Well i was walking by myself with my headphones on, listening to music. Usually when i walk all by myself i try to go to place .where. i have never been to so that s how i got to this little pond that i m writing about right now.Should i describe the place a little bit more?I think so. I mentioned the two benches by the pond right? they are like 10 meters apart from each other, the whole area it is like in the middle of nowhere and it s very intimate and yeah i like that place.
However more and more people come to this area and ..it.. ...has... become very strange to just stand by them and, yeah, if you can go there when ..there. is nobody around, it s a very relaxing experience.
i m happy that i ...have... found this place, now i can think about "everything" in nature.

e prea scurt; incearca sa renunti la stilul oral si sa legi mai mult ideile in paragrafe mai coerente

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Oh God...
I think that place is special to you. You said you can stay there and think about life in nature. That's so relaxing! I'd like very much to have a place like that, where is nobody and I can stay alone for my propuses.
I think I will search a place like you talked about because I need it.
Thank you for this good idee!  :cool:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » i discovered a new place