Letter of complaint
   Dear Sir/Madam
     I wish to express my dissatisfaction with your restaurant. Last night I was supposed to have a delightful evening with my closest friends. We were promised an experience that we would never forget, but sadly your services didnít deliver.
      Firstly, you need to improve your food quality. I ordered a chicken salad, that of course didnít have any chicken and in the menu it was written that this specific salad has a gram weight of 400 but what was served to me was even less than half. One of my friends requested that peanuts were taken out of her dish since she had a food allergy. She was lucky that she had taken her medicine.
     Secondly, your bathrooms are a violation of basic human needs. They lack sanitary products and the higiene is questionable I expect that in a restaurant bathrooms should be up to code.
In conclusion, I hope that you will correct your mistakes. In  addition to this letter of complaint I demand a full refund.
     Sincerely yours,
Teora Robinson

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