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A good role model

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A good role model
    Since childhood we look up to the adults in our life. We analyze everything that they do and try to imitate them. But as we grow up our perspective gets changed and the people that we used to look up to get replaced by new ones. 
  Maybe because I am an only child, I have never valued what I have. Itís very egocentric but when you have everything you need you forget that some people donít. You feel like what is given to you is a right and a must. I used to think that all people have it the same as I do. I am thankful for my parents and for everything that they done for me, I even find they're storyís inspiring, but the one person in my family that  made me question myself was my grandma.
    I donít want to say that I was spoiled as a child, but in a way I was. The first time when I understood that the universe doesnít spin around me was when my grandma yelled at me for doing something stupid. Of course I had to yell back and when she heard that she snapped. She started to unravel her life story with me. She explained to me how she used education to make a better living and how she didnít end up a farmer. My grandma had all the odds against her but somehow she got in enrolled College. Because she didnít have enough resources, she had to go to the classes taken at night. She postponed getting married just because she wanted a successful career. And in the end she even ended up a principal in the school  she was teaching chemistry and biology. Hearing how tough was her upbringing made me realize how lucky I was to have what I have. Honestly, for a young woman to successive at that time in our history is a huge win.
   I am grateful for having people in my life that can tell me when I am wrong and congratulate me when Iím right. So thank you grandma for showing me how snob I used to be!

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A really good composition! Congrats!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » A good role model