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A waste of time

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In everyone's life, there comes a moment when they wonder "Why do I still hang out with this person?" This happened to me, once, because she made me waste some time watching a bad movie.
  In middle school, my BFF was my deskmate, Abby. In seventh grade, she went through a phase and she was obsessed with movies and TV series which revolved around school. The irritating thing was that she was always trying to convince me to watch some of them. At one point I realized I couldn't make her stop, so I just gave in and I promised to watch a movie of her choosing. Later, she sent me the title: "Thead High". While trying to keep an open mind and not let my annoyance get in the way of whatever objective criticism I was planning to give, I started watching the movie. Honestly, I was expecting it to be the typical teen drama kind of thing, but, boy, was I wrong! It was about 10 high school students who got themselves stuck in the main building (of the school) for a few days. All was well at first; there was even a bit of romance going on, but then, one of the kids was found dead with a chicken bone lodged in his throat. Everyone panicked and they made a futile effort to protect each other. One by one, they all died in various ways and the main character, who got killed at one point, returned at the end for the sole purpose of making the viewers understand that he had been was the murderer all along. Does this sound familiar? It is almost the exact plot as in Agatha Christi's "And then there were none". The only major difference was that the guy didn't know he had killed anyone because of an evil alter-ego that he couldn't control. But that's just like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, so in terms of originality of the storyline, it was not good. Also, the acting was mediocre and the "dead" people weren't very convincing. Overall, it qualified as a teen drama, but not the typical kind. Much worse. And not even the fact that "Thead" from the title is an anagram for "Death" could change that.
  This incident made me question my friendship with Abby a bit. We had surprisingly different criteria for how good or bad something was and my free time was shortened because of that. She saw "Thead High" as a marvelous movie; I thought I had never wasted 110 minutes in a more useless manner. ( There is some logic behind this statement) In the end, I recalled all the things that made Abby an awesome friend and tried to gloss over her horrible taste in movies.

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Oh, man, I totally understand this one. I saw sooooo many bad movies and they were all a waste of time. I really appreciate the literature references you did over there.  Your writing is well structured, so thatís a very big plus. I wouldíve liked the introduction to be a little different, but it doesnít bother me that much. You narrated the movie pretty well, I could say. Iím surely not going to watch it now. Your little notes about it (like the title thing) are impressive.  Keep up the good work!


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