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My request for English high school

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Dear Sir ,

        I am writing in conection to my request for this high school. From what I understand is one of the best English high schools and I am interested.
     Firstly,  I have all the qualities required to be able to attend college. I'm willing to move and pay my studies. During the eight years of school I have done, I have never had a smaller mean than Note 9, I could say I had almost 10 on the line. In English I can do very well, it also helps me to practice sports and I have to travel around the world. I also manage very well with other subjects, especially biology. I am mad about everything that matters about the functioning of the human body: digestion, breathing, circulatory system, reproduction and so on. I do not know if I go to college at the moment. But if I decide, I think I'll either go to the sports faculty on kinetotherapy or the police academy. I will see.
   Secondly, I would have the opportunity to see other types of people, another country, another city.  And another important thing is that I will learn English from the best. I am currently a good English speaker and a good child. I promise I will not make any trouble and I will not upset or disappoint the teachers.
   All in all, I have the best personality.
   I look forward for your prumpt replie.

                                                                                                                                                                            Yours faightfully,



I find your letter convincing. you described yourself very well. is a good text



I think your letter was very well built. I liked.



Good job!You are a very  self-confident person and wish you to reach your goals.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » My request for English high school