In this day I remembered my first day at the new school.
               I got dressed with a elegant costume. After I went on the school yard. There was soo many children. I wanted to search and to stay with my colleagues. I searched 30 minutes and nothing. I just stayed and I waited to happen something or to finish the speech. But before the end, I heard how some girls asked who he was from ninth F. I heard and I immediately went to them to get acquainted. After the speech ended, I and my colleagues went in the classroom. There I took a bench on the middle of classroom. I looked around and I saw soo many strangers who can became my friends. I told on my mind "Thanks God for these colleagues, finally I'm with my people".
               When I looked around I saw a very beautiful girl. Now I'm trying to make her to like me and I think all things are good, we get along very well and I found a lot about each other.
               Whatever, that's a another subject. After this our class master told us a new and beautiful school year. She told us that we should to change our classroom looks like a storage closet. We proposed to change the floor, benches, chairs and the blackboard. All agreed with this idea. When we thought things would end some students who learned in our classroom. They was very funny and they told to take care of this classroom and not to transfer to other class, because we can become what we want, even if we are in philology. They leaved the classroom in a funny way. Ok, all things returned to normal and the class master continue the speech. At the end we made acquaintance and we left at home.
               That day was very beautiful and confusing.