Looks can be deceiving when dealing with Casdy Robertson, but the fact she's callous and impatient is just the tip of the iceberg. Let alone the fact she's also intolerant, headstrong, dominant and desperate, but their effects are at least lessened by impulses of being confident as well. But focus on her as this is what she's almost feared. Fair is fair though, Casdy does have some lighter sides. She's reflective and faithful at the very least, there's at least that to look for and appeal to. Unfortunately her impatience often pops up fast enough to ruin the chances of something good.  She stands ordinary among others, despite her slim frame.  There's something ambiguous about her, perhaps it's her attitude or perhaps it's simply her sense of justice. Ginger, short hair gently hangs over a strong, lively face. Glittering hazel eyes, set rooted within their sockets, watch honorably over the deserts they've rarely felt at home at for so long. Smooth skin graciously compliments her cheekbones and and leaves a heartbreaking memory of her luck.  This is the face of Casdy Robertson, my only cousin.
        I have done all this in order to make it easier to understand why a trivial discussion can became a real dispute. So letí start the story. Some time ago, letís say a month ago, me and Casdy went at to a cooking competition in the capital. I thought that everything will go smoothly, even if it seems impossible. And guess what?! It is impossible. I wanted to believe that we will manage to stop fighting for one hour, but no. Her dominant side always comes up at the worst time. I proposed to make something easier to make sure that we fit in timemanage the time, but she decided on her own that we should do something extraordinary. Thank god we managed to do it.
        I sworeswear she brings out the worst in me. But, even so, I still love her.

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