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A waste of time

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Dear diary,
          Everything is a waste of time, life is a waste of time, school is a waste of time. Everything is a waste of time and I mean it.
When you start a relationship, even itís romantic or not, you should realize that you started it only for the memories Ďcause it isntít going to last forever. You should know that. You should be able to understand that. Nothing last....s.... forever. People are going to come into our lives and then, when you need them the most, ........ leave. Thatís why I hate humans. Theyíre so naïve and selfish, they think nothing bad is going to happen to them, no one is going to leave them. But this isnít a dream, this is reality. Nothing is going to last forever and no human is immortal. Unfortunately they arenít only ignorant. When you need them the most, and youíre sure they arenít going to let you down, theyíre going to stab you in the back. And they call us ďmonstersĒ. Theyíre so stupid. I hate them, I hate them all. They ...have..... killed my kind without even giving an explanation. But donít worry. Our time to rise is coming soon, and you will pay for all your mistakes. Weíre going to rise above all of you. So just you wait.

           Until next time,
           The king, Your enemy

[asta trebuia sa fie o povestire, o naratiune. Adauga macar un paragraf narativ. Oricum, ai deviat de la subiectul "waste of time" la "people will let you down"]

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In my opinion you are not right. I mean not everything is a waste of time; the life can't be a waste of time because life "means" time. Also, the love isn't a waste of time because you need love in your life, otherwise you will end up in an apartment full of cats =))



There are lots of things that matter and actually make a change and even though they donít turn out the way we want them to, it is not the end of the world. That is my opinion and i hope you will try to see more of what is good in life.



Wow!.......... Wow! I'm touched. Okey, so I could feel that you were angry. I even don't know from where you got the imagination to write this. Yes, you kind of deflect from the subject, but the story was interesting. I admit, you surprised me.



Sorry, but I disagree with you. If everything is a waste of time, why exactly are we living for? If everything is useless than we have no reason to be alive, to have feeling and we would be only insensible robots. I understand your point of view and your frustration, but just because we want to forget some things in our lives or because  some things were bad for us that  doesn't mean everything is a waste of time. Sorry if I had been too rude, but it is just my opinion! Please don;t take it for granted!



SIS who hurt youuuu? I mean I get it with all the depressed thoughts, but this isn't the place to cool you down. I personally hope for you that this is just a bad mood and nothing more because everyone deserves to be genuinely happy and there are  A LOT  of things that aren't a waste of time. And speaking about your writing, I think you completely missed the point, and as teach ovi said, you didn't really do a text with beginning and conclusion. But this is okay, I can understand you, you weren't in your feels, but Billie Eilish once said "don't post your feelings on the internet" and here it is one more example that makes me comprehend this more.



OK people, maybe the person deflected from the subject, but maybe she/he is trully angry, I mean not just in the composition
You have to meet new people and with some luck, someday you'll find the perfect friends for you because not everybody will let you down. Generalizing doesn't work. It just stops you from finding true joy in things
So keep trying! Experience and experience everyday
It MUST be something that will make you happy



Well, I have another opinion about what you said. I don t think that life is a waste of time. Life is the most beautiful thing we have and so many lessons...
And you have to choose the right person who will love you for the rest of your "annoying" life , who never leave you.
Be positive ! Live your best life!



Everything has a meaning you just need to find it. Life was created to live here,not to throw it in the garbage. You have potential, everyone has  potential you just need to use it



Well, lifeís really complicated with its bad moments and hard situations, laden with feelings of confusion, grief, disappointment, embarrassment, but always after the storm rises the sun and always after hard times in life there comes the good ones full of happiness and great-fullness; thatís the beauty of life, the balance between agony and ecstasy, thatís the one thing that let us keep going, give us strength and hope. So if lifeís a waste of something itís a waste of feelings.
Therewith, the fact that you wrote all this stuff in here shows your courage to express your feeling, something that not many people already have.



Wow, you sure know how to be dramatic. Saying that you should have a relationship only for the memories is like saying that you should play a videogame only to be good at it, not because you like it, because it's going to finish at some point. Change is a natural part of life. Some things end and new things start. We learn from our ended friendships and relationships how to do better. If a relationship or friendship is meant to last, it will not end or end and restart later. And not all people are back stabbers. By having back stabber people in our life we learn how to pick the ones that we can be close to. We adapt and learn from each thing that happens to us. I hope I brought you some faith in the human race.

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Hello. I totally disagree with you.Not all the things are a waste of time and come on you were too dramatic. I don't know if that is what you feel or its just an essay. The narrator can feel what he wants in an essay and thats why I said that.If that are your true feeling ummm....I think you are a little pessimistic.Not all people are bad guy and I hope you joking when you said that you hate humans...:)) ^^


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