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You realize you're such a fool

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Dear Diary,
      Yesterday I realize how foolish... and naive I am.  Let me tell you a story. 
      Monday, around 9 a.m., someone called me. It was an old acquaintance asking me is I wanted... to hang out with her and her friends. Later while I was reading a book, not an interesting one, I realize that at the time we settled to hang out there was a really important event that I wanted to go to. So I rushed to the phone and I called her. I waited and waitedÖ No answer. I was confused, I didnít know what to do. There were less than 10 hours till our meeting,  so ,since no one answer.ed... the phone call and in a few minutes I was going to bed, I realize... that I didnít have time to tell her that I couldnít come anymore . Plus it was rude to tell someone in the last minute that you canít come. So I decided to give up ...on... the event and meet up with her. What a stupid choice.
      The next day I arrived 5 minutes sooner at the café ...... we agreed to meet. After 10 minutes I received a message from her in which she announced me that our meeting has been canceled because she couldnít come anymore. In that moment I realize..d.. that it wasnít worth it to give up on the things I want..ed.. to do for other people. 
      So I swear here and now that Iím not going to make this mistake ever again.

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Yes! You can't do what you did!!! To not come without letting others know. You could at least send a message. On the other hand, your friend is as guilty as you. You don't do to others what someone else did to you.
Even so it was an interesting story!



I'm so sorry for you, some people can be so rude and do these kind of things. I was in your situation so many times before I realize that I should choose better my friends and I should know who is using me and who not. This thing with friendship is something that I'll never understand, people can be sweet in front of you and jerks behind you. :sceptic:



You acted correctly, and I know how it feels to be in such a situation
It's your so-called friend's fault, you just didn't want to be rude, even if you could send her a message, you didn't do that
We have to choose what's most important for us (just like you said) and who are our real friends


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » You realize you're such a fool