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A whole day at home

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Dear Diary,
       Itís morning. My parents are at work, and Snowflake, my fluffy puppy is barking at me, so I have to go out with him even though I donít want to leave my cozy and warm bed. 
Today I want to see 2 movies that I heard are really interesting: ďThe darkest mindsĒ, ďWhere hands touchĒ, .......and....[conjunctie] I hope Iíll be able to do that. Usually I canít manage to do everything I want because I donít know how to organize my time.
        Yesterday I read ...a... review about a book I booked, but ...it... seems to never arrive. The book was about the unknown world of glaciers. I need to send the publishing house a message about it.  About messages: my phone wonít stop ringing. My classmates keep sending me more or less interesting messages. O, wait someoneís calling meÖ..Iím back. It was my mother asking me if I want to join her and go shopping. Hell no!!! The last thing I want to do is going at a crowded place. If I need anything all I have to do is go online and Voilà. I find what I need in less than 15 minutes.  Anyway, as I said before, I want to see a movie, so I ...'ve.... turn on the TV, grab a bag of popcorn and press play.  Yeah, what can I say, it could be better, the movie I mean. It was really boring. It didnít had has action at all.
         Oh itís seems like my parents just came back home.
         Well see you next time.

ideile ar trebui legate mai coerent si ar trebui sa renunti la intreruperea povestirii cu digresiuni sau chestiuni irelevante; in plus, e prea scurta redactarea - mai adauga detalii; si povesteste la timpul trecut

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So........ Funny story! Yeah...... It could be better. For start I don't think that what you said "Hell no!!!" is appropriate(I don't like). I like that you tried to put your feelings in the text and that you were very very true to you. What I mean is that you said exactly what you thought.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » A whole day at home