Dear Madam,
       I am writing in connection to the grievances I had two nights ago when I had dinner with my family at your restaurant,"Bella Vida". I do not think the things I'll tell you about should be ignored.
        Firstly , maybe you should review the look of the tables and the room where guests are served. The tablecloths were slightly patchy and the floor didn't look very good.
       Secondly, you should check the menu you own. I do not think you should present dishes that your chef does not know how to prepare them. In addition, some of which I ordered did not taste very nice, for example the dessert instead of being soft and sweet, it was loud and bitter. I want to add that one of the children was to drown with a piece of meat that was not cooked well.
        I want to add something about your employees, they should follow a course in "courtesy specialization". One of them had a rather hurried attitude when one of the children said he did not know what he wanted to order.
        In conclusion, I think you should solve the problems that I have encountered tonight. I look forward to seeing these changes.

Yours sincerely,
Iustina Rusu

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