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Surveillance camera

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It was a nice day on 20 july. The weather was really great and me and my father decided to go on an journey. My father enjoys adventures in the forest and i asked him to take me with him so i could see new stuff. It was friday when we left home and traveled a long way with the car until we arrived. The forest whitch we we`re going to hunt gave me goosebumps on my arms. It felt really strange and i almost told dad i have to leave when he placed one hand on my shoulder and told me that he feels the same way.
We walked a long way into the woods and we set up a tent. Then my father pulled out 4 cameras from his backpack. He explained how it works. It`s quite simple. you have to attach the camera to a tree and when it detects movement it will immediattly take a clear photo. We placed them about a mile from our tent. When the job was finished it was about dark. The sunset was really beautifull. We could admire the orange sky through the trees and it was a charming sight.
The next day we woke up at 8 a.m. and checked the cameras. my father told me we got some photos. When we looked at them it was quite strange. We were able to see some shapes but something has disturbed the camera and it was blurry. My dad was dissappointed. he really wanted to get a clear picture on a deer or something else. In the afternoon a storm began. The rain was dropping fast and angryly and the wind was so annoying that we couldn`t even look forward without using our hand to stop the dirt from coming into our eyes. It was like mother nature didn`t wanted us to stay. The fact that we couldn`t walk through the rain ...... we had to wait until the rain was over. When it was almost over it was dark and my father decided to stay one more night.
When i woke up i was feeling really cold and sick. My father was not in the tent and i thought he .... went to check on the cameras. After 5 minutes he busted in looking like he .... saw a ghost. He told me to hurry up on packing my stuff. When i asked him what`s going on he told me that he ... caught something really strange on the camera. After we got out of the forest he showed me some of the pictures he was talking about. One of the photo... was clear and I saw something that will haunt my mind. A man very tall and weak, with fingers long and thin, with his shining eyes looking straight into the camera. Even in the picture he was looking like he can see me. The closest form of civilization was some miles away and what was that man doing in the middle of nowhere during night time. My dad said it was a ghost and that spooked me even more.
That really freaked me out and it was very unusual and strange

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A very nice composition, my friend. I am really impressed about your evolution. I believe that if you will let behind video games you will become a very good student with a shinny future. Don't let your dreams to be dreams, just stand up and do it! Keep it go and good luck&have fun!



Hello, stranger! I really have to say that was a nice creepy story. When I read the title I thought that it will be something boring and I had doubts if I should read the entire story, but fortunately, it was interesting enough to keep me here. You definetely need to write more often because it seems like you have some nice ideas. Keep on doing this and have a great time!  :flirt:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Surveillance camera