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Formal letter 1: A request information on a English High School

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Dear Madam,

       I'm writing to request more information about the Mixar High School (English High School).
I am student at a high school from Iași and I want to transfer there.
        Firstly I would like to know what variants I could admit. Should I apply for an enrollment to be followed by an exam? And if yes, what will this exam be, or there will be more exams. I want to know more details in order to be prepared.
        Then how are the classes structured in this school, by age, by grade, or are they choosing the courses they want to follow? How will I be evaluated on matter, the results will be in the form of notes or percentages.
       Also I would like to know what kind of extracurricular activities exist, must we have a certain age to register?
        For the most part, these were the things I would like to know more about. I will wait for your answer!

Yours faithfully,
Iustina Rusu

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Formal letter: A request information on a English High School
                                                                                              Dear Madam Wonka,
   I am writing to request  more information about the English High School in London, the high school where I want to transfer, because my parents will start working there, and I unfortunately have to leave Romania. I'm in the tenth grade.
  I want to know the methods by which I can do this important  stage. Will my grades from the former school be taken into account or will I go there by means of an exam? I need this information in time to be ready. I mention that I am at the real profile and the specialization is informatics. And other basic disciplines are mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics.
    I also think I'll be there in the ninth grade, or better, the eighht grade. This aspect  being because of the difference in age and level difference. I want you to clarify all the papers I have to bring you and the deadline to register with your institution. And my parents will call you for any blur.
  Please send me a timely response and I thank you for your time.
                                                                                                                                                                            Yours faithfully,



I like the structure of your composition (simple, explicit, short, not long) and the ideas. You expressed your opinion convincingly, you gave good arguments and examples. And the input and ending formulas are appropriate. I think anyone who has to write such letters in similar situations and do not go unnoticed over some important things.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Practical stuff » Formal letter 1: A request information on a English High School