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A relative who could be a role model

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If five years ago someone asked me: Who is your model in life? I think I would not have said anything, because some things you get to understand later,but everyone has in his life a model, a person who he  respects. For someone this can be a celebrity, or in most cases, a family member.
   For example, my model of life is my grandmother, a tall person with big, green eyes who looks like  a whole universe. She did not have an easy life, her parents were bad, and she had to work hard to become what she is today. Grandma left her home at a young age, and although she never told me,  I know it was a hard period, because she was running out of money. Then, nowadays, if you did not have money, you did not have food. She was only 15 years old when she decided to make a change and although she didn't have many perspectives compared to other colleagues, however she was an exemplary and very smart student, because of her courage and self-confidence that helped my grandmather a lot.  Unfortunately, she succumbed to health problems, but my  granny continues to be a strong woman who I am proud of.
   I will always respect her because of her unique qualities.

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I honestly regret that she has gone through so many. But what you wrote is that she had the power to go over all. I have to admit that I'm impressed by your grandmother. My respects!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » A relative who could be a role model