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We discovered a new place in Romania

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Last summer I went with my best friends in Maramures. When we arrived at the hotel the weather was horrible. It was raining heavily. We entered in in the hotel faster and the receptionist gave us the keys for the two hotel rooms. Fortunately the rooms were on the same floor. At the night  we met in one of the rooms and we started to play a game. After 10 minutes that game became boring. I went to the window because I thought that it was no longer raining and we could go out. Beside the  window it there was another window that was covered by curtains. When I dropped the curtains I saw a door. It was not very big. I was really amazed because before seeing that door I thought that there was situated another window. So I pressed on the latch and  the door opened. We took some flashlights and we started ....... to go in on a mysterious adventure. We were walking slowly.  It was very cold. At the end of the corridor we saw some stairs and we continued to go and after the stairs finished we saw a second door. I succeeded to  open succeeded in opening that and after the door, it was something fantastic. We found a place where the  the nature could be admired. There was a waterfall a lot of trees and some animals that were not dangerous. Everything was like a wonderful panel! There was a very good weather. We could look at the sky and at the stars and of course at  the white moon. Nobody was in that place with one exception, us. We staied stayed 15 minutes and because it was to...... too late  we returned to our room. Maybe it was a garden made by the employees but  we decided not to not tell anyone about that discovery. Next day we were very tired. We talked about the last  previous night all day and we  thought that it  was the best holiday in that year and of course we thought that the hotel was wonderful. That was a very good experience and we couldn't forget that faster.

multe propozitii scurte si seci se succed fara o legatura clara - incearca sa le unesti cu conjunctii

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I like your story! It's interesting. And I really want to know what hotel you were to go and see if there is that place so greatly described.



I really like your story and I think you had an original idea. I liked you have got mystery in the story in the part when you dropped the curtains and then opened the door. You gave the impression you will discover something fantastic and that is how it was. You gave details which made the story great and I liked the way you wrote. :)



I like the idea of your composition and that you chose to spend this unexpected experience with your best friends. And I will write everything in this manner. I would love to read more paragraphs about that great place you said. I would also like to have more beautiful moments spent in that place with my friends, to stay much more fascinated than I was. And I really like the idea of keeping secret places spontaneously discovered and hidden from the rest of the world.



I like your composition! I would love to go somewhere and find an interesting and hidden place just for me! Can you give the name of the hotel because for sure thatís where I will go next time!



I like the story and that it's long. One more thing, I like that you gave many details about the place you discovered. This idea is nice and I like fantastic stories so you got my attention. You said many details about the hotel and how you got bored, but I would said even more about the new and amazing place you found.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » We discovered a new place in Romania