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A new place in Romania... or quite a few

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Gabriel (Gabe) Parker had been a dreamer his whole life, always wishing on stars and preferring to be positive about accomplishing his goals one day. He was a man of hope, and his biggest wish had always been to discover someplace new in his country.
He loved hiking and sight-seeing, so, one day, with a notebook in hand he began his journey to fulfil his life-long dream. Although, the first couple of days where werefilled with beautiful images and going to countless lesser..........-known creaks and valleys, climbing mysterious mountains, they had been weremarked in a boring book. Nobody knew about them, but they weren’t exactly ‘new’.
Gabe became more and more disappointed as the days passed. Even with all that optimism he had in his heart and mind, the thought that his mission might just be impossible crushed him. One night, as he was looking through his notes from the past couple of weeks..., since he had started his insane trip, he noticed a strange similarity between the impression the places he .......had visited left on him, on almost every beautiful mountain top, or amazing view, interesting historical monument and such, he started his commentary with the phrase ‘not well known to the majority of the public’. And in that very moment it hit him. He had had the whole meaning of his trip wrong. He started it thinking it was somehow his duty to discover something new, but on his way, he realized how many of the discovered beauties of Romania are werewell hidden, and how important it is wasto tell people about them.
Upon this revelation, Gabe turned his notebook of impressions into the manuscript of what would become a ‘tourist guide for locals’. Writing his book, he learnt a valuable lesson: sometimes, it’s just better to first appreciate what we have before we start looking for new things.

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WOW! actually impressed, really nice composition! the fact that you used a man as the main character has a way deeper meaning than you think. and the fact that he was visiting & writing about the things he saw seems a little bit plastic and fake, but that's the way he was enjoying these things, so it's ok! even better, he created a book out of this, so now people who like adventures can see these places by paying for the book. it was like a reward time for him! how cool is that?



I must admit I really wasn't expecting the twist in your composition when Gabe noticed the similarity between his impressions and I think we can all agree we even find ourselves into situations like this. I really enjoyed reading your composition and I believe it is the most important asset one should have when writing something : the reader's attention.
I also liked the way you highlighted the moral part of your writing in the end! I might even try it myself!!
However, I can see that you didn't go again on the composition to correct what's left... so please don't forget!!! It would be a shame


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » A new place in Romania... or quite a few