This happened one year ago. I was fourteen and my mother still didnít trust me I was capable enough to handle myself. Things haven't changed much in the present but at least it is better comparative with the last year.
All had started from my wish to do my new year with some close friends. But it was a problem: my mother wanted from me to go with her in Suceava and celebrate there. I didnít want this. The only thing I want it was to stay in Iasi and party with my friends.
And for this matter we started. arguing. She said she couldnít let me here alone because I was too young and she needed to protect me and she couldnít do this from 260 kilometers far. I told her I was old enough to handle myself and I could stay at my friend's. because his mother was home and she could watch us.
She still didnít want to hear this. She yelled at me that I was still a minor and I canít do whatever I wantedWe continued like this for one hour. At last I gave up and returned to my room. I knew I couldnít do anything and it will be another new year boring with my parents. I started reading because it was the thing I could do it without getting angry. After 30 pages I realized I was not remembering anything from what I read. I closed the book and I laid in bed. It was a bad day. I closed my eyes and in a short time I fell asleep.

trebuie sa adaugi o concluzie - sentimente legate de cele intamplate, decizii, urmari

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