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I realisd I was such a fool

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From the day I started thinking why I am not good enough for some people and why I can not get up to their standards just because they said that about me, when they donít even know me so well but I still care about their opinion,then,I realised I am such a fool.
       After some advices Iíve received,I notice that you need to love yourself and to trust yourself.In these days the majority of people are mean and criticized by the way you look,showing indifference about your feelings.Although itís hard not to care about others peopleís opinions, you need to trust yourself and show them you donít care and you donít let them affect you in any way.Another reason I realized I was a fool is that I did not realize how important moments are with special people like family members or friends which at some point you will not have them anymore and then you will regret it.

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I really like the advice you gave in this passage, and I think the theme you chose is really uplifting and unique. This being said, your work is more like a paragraph about self-improvement rather than a story with that subject.



You are right you have to be thankful for the persons around you.
Just so you know there are a lot of people who doesn't care about other peoples opinion and you should do the same because it's important what you think about yourself not what other people gossip about you.
I like the way you gave those advices although this post is kind of short.



or you can be chill, let everyone say everything they want because it s their opinion, listen to some music, and everything will be alright



Hey!I completely agree with you,it is hard not to care about people's opinions,especially now when we have social media and people can judge you anonymously.Self love and trust is very hardly built but once you do,it's amazing and I wish that for you.You should continue writing because you have good potential and I can see that you are passionate and you like expressing your feelings in your essays(although you should make them longer!!).I look foword to seeing  more of your work!Good luck!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » I realisd I was such a fool