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You discover a new place in Romania

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Last week i was with my family on a little holiday in Romania. Since i was a baby i have loved traveling, for me the car was the best swing. I know the whole country and i was really surprized to discover that new amazing spot.
We visited some places in Bucovina: Putna Monastery, Daniil Sihastrulís Hermitage, Suceavaís Fortress etc. We were taking photos, listening to music, my dad was driving and somehow we arived on a forest road. It seemed like we failed, but at the end of the road a car park was opened. We left the car in there, we followed the signs and we went on a path until we arrived in that story place. It looked exactly as writers were describing the forests. The sunís rays were sneaking trough green leaves of golden trees while puffy bunnies like clouds were sinking in the high lichens. In all that harmony there was an old wooden house like a cottage. All that painting full of peace was accompanied by the singing of the birds.That is the place i will never forget for its peace.

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That sounds amazing! I am sure you had a great time there. I like the way you described the forest with all those beautiful words. I think having a longer ending (an entire paragraph) wouldíve made the writing look better, but thatís just my opinion. The introduction was nice (comparing your car with a swing Ė smart move), but I think it couldíve been longer as well. Giving backround details (when, with who, how long the trip was) might improve the sound of the text. Generally, I liked your writing. Donít be afraid to write more, Ďcause I am sure you can, and you can do it very well!



I like your story!  I think that you could describe more. For example you could add some  particular details about the places that you visited. The end of your story is really interesting. It's like a fairytale landscape. Your story is original and of course creative!



That sounds really amazing! It is really beautiful to discover the beauty of your country and it is even more beautiful if you travel with lovely people, like your family. I think that people who have a strong desire or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world, are really amazing. Maybe from now, it would be a good idea if once a year, go someplace you have never been before.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » You discover a new place in Romania