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A waste of time

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I woke up today because of the most fantastic dream I have ever had, a dream that changed my life perspective, that made me realise how wrong weíre passing through time.
Iím not going to tell you what really happened because that would be just a waste of time, but iím going to show my idea to you.
Have you ever stopped from what you were doing and just looked around you, at the people, the buldings, the trees, the flowers, the birds? Look how different they are, how colourful everything is and how absent youíre from that picture, from everything, cause youíre too busy with insignificant things like scrolling on instagram or counting your money unless counting stars. Letís just live our stories even if they are more real than we wanted, itís all that we have and we have ever wanted to have. Just feel the moment, good or bad, you never know when it is your last. I know that sometimes youíre praying to God to take your time to heal faster, but this will never happen so all that you can do is to accept that period and to wait for better times.

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The way you wrote and the way you described things is very beautiful, and I really like it. About what you said, I totally agree with you, time is one of the most important things and the one we usually never appreciate enough. Most of the people use to think about future or what happened in the past, in case of just living the present and the moment, because some things will never come back, and they will realize that too late and maybe they will regret.



Your essay actually made me think a little about my own inconsideration towards the every day beauty of all the things surrounding me. I like your idea and the message your story is sending the readers, but i would have liked a little more of an explanation on maybe how you got to these conclusions. Still a very nice piece



I really liked what you said. I think itís really sad that since we were little we always hear from other people or read in books that we need to love everything around us. But how many of us really do that.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » A waste of time