A long distance relationship is like socialism , a beautiful concept which in theory will improve your lifestyle and help you develop as a better person , but , when put to work , it never is what you wanted .... to be .
I think that long distance relationships are not manageable by lots of people and it should be a goal not to maintain the distance , but to approach the other person and better understand the situation youíre in , basically to know if itís worth ....... or if itís wasting your time.
First things first , many long distance relationships are not working. Those kinds of relationships are something euphorical , like a dream you never woke up from , so you can compare them with a drug.Like all the drugs it has side effects and itís not that good for you .In a normal relationship , by spending lots of time with the other person , you both become aware of the other strengths and weaknesses and you both know each other to a point , where even your imperfections are now perfections , In  a long distance one , you never get to truly knew that person  and you became trapped in a dream where everything seems fine , you beloved one has no flaws and unless one of you or both do something about that , you will never evolve and learn everything , basically your relationships is useless.
Secondly long distance relationships are not as good as normal relationships. Like Iíve previously said you never get to truly know the other person so a true connection between you two is not possible.That being said , you never get to have  a relationship just lots of talking and making plans that will probably never achieve .
However some of them can actually work , and I even know some people that actually got married after being in a long distance relationship for quite a wile , but those are happy ending stories that are made to hide ........ us the ugly truth of many many broken hearts from this kind of connection that is not good for no one.
That being said , I think that you should be think twice before commiting to this kind of relationship and be 100%  mentally prepared for one of your hardest emotionally journey you are embarking on.

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