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COPIAT: A relative person who Could be real a model

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A relative person who Could be a real model

There are many people who have influenced my life but the person who has influenced my life more significantly than the others in my aunt. She has made me the strong person that I am today. Whether it was encouraging me to stand out in the crowd or recommending good books, she has always been there for me when I needed her. She is more like a friend to me than an aunt.

I have lived with my aunt for five years. My parents were frequently away on business trips so she was my second mother. When I was young, she used to read to me for hours, quiz me for my weekly spelling tests and answer all my myriad questions. She brought me to the library and taught me how to find books. She made me read good books. Now that I look back, I realize that she had presented me with the important habit of reading.

"Strength is nothing more than well you hide the pain. "My aunt has had to go through many hardships. I remember that when I first met her, she was struggling to find a job but she still took me in because my parents had to leave for an important conference. She never let her problems show on her face. She covered everything with a smile and taught me to do the same. One thing I greatly admire about her is that even though she had her own problems, she never hesitated to help others. I greatly admire her strength.

Among the various things that my aunt taught me, she taught me to be simple and that less is more. She herself was always very modestly dressed and encouraged me to do the same. She was so polite with people that it made me follow her example. I would be ashamed to be rude to someone. She also taught me to be patient. I would have been an extremely different person if I hadn't met her.

My aunt's life is a great example to never give up. As I mentioned earlier, she was struggling to find a job when I met her. Despite her problems; finding a job, a mother to take of and to get money for all her mother's medical bills, she never gave up. She had worked multiple jobs to pay for her study courses and wasn't about to let her problems stand in the way of her ambition. She worked hard and last year, she achieved her goal of opening a political science institution. She taught me that although we don't realize it, achieving our goal is worth all the hard work and effort.

My aunt is a very important part of my life and who I am. She has played a big in role in shaping my personality. I deeply admire her and her qualities. When I grow up, I hope I can be as good as her; caring, understanding, kind, determined and strong.

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I love what you wrote! I am honestly glad you have someone to rely on and help you in need. It's also important to have someone to support you and help you grow, giving you the best advice. Besides, it's great to have a great aunt!



It's great that you have a relationship so beautiful with a member of your family. hope you don't lose touch



Great job!!!!!!  :flag:
The most beautiful piece of composition i read on this forum.
It is great that you have such an example of a person that is different from the usual people these days.
I really liked the way you organized your writing because it s easier to keep track of all the good things you want to say about your aunt!
Grammar was really good!
Carry on like that



It is great to have such a model like your aunt. Many times, people chose people outside their family because they don't know the best models can be their relative. A very good composition and good luck!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » COPIAT: A relative person who Could be real a model