It was a stormy afternoon, both outside and in the Wilson household. Matthew Wilson, the oldest son of the family was desperately trying to present to his mother the many advantages of an university on the other side of the country, while Vera, his mother was avidly supporting the idea of a school closer to home.
They were yelling things they would later regret and bringing back emotions and accusations buried a long time agoago into each of their souls. Their words were attacking aimlessly, since the original discussion about colleges had been let go a quite a while before.
As the screams and profanities raised upon in the atmosphere, the toxicity in the house became too much to take in for the young Matthew. He got his coat and left the house in a hurry, completely ignoring nature’s way of imitating the fight between him and his mother.
He walked around, as if the solution to all his issues would just appear in the concrete of the pavement on the block. As he was walking, he found that his direction, even if at first it seemed random, was, in fact, leading him to the park where he had grown......... grew up in. In a matter of minutes, he got to the small playgroup surrounded by trees where most of his childhood memories took place. He smiled melancholically remembering the times when he used to go there with his mother. A tear fell down his cheek, unrecognisable in the rain, yet, for Matthew it felt like a piece of his soul. Sitting there, in a park where his childhood would come back to his with a glimpse of a certain corner, or a glance at the swing set, or at the seesaw, all he...... could think about was that in all those moments, his mother was there for him and now, the two of them nearly turned the house upside down in their shouting and arguing.
That evening, Matthew came home with a purpose: to finally give back a little part of the patience, consideration and care that his mother had given........ gave him unconditionally throughout the years.

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