The song "happy birthday" was sung by everybody around me. I was holding a delicious cake, very well decorated and I loved the fact that everyone present there had came came just because of the love they have hadfor me. They didn't have to come if they didn't want to. After the song finished, my dad took me out in the garden. everyone yelled ''SURPRISE!!'': a fresh new car was parked right in front of me. This made me extremely excited. As I am a grown-up, my parents let me go take a ride and I needed it. I needed a break from the very beginning. I couldn't let all of these things overwhelm my life. I don't know what was happening to me, but I was feeling weak, like I was in a battle I couldn't continue.
As I was driving, I was thinking about all of the emotions I've been having had had recently. It's like a sort of depression, but I can't really explain it. I wasn't paying attention to the road, I was just [s]as[/s]suring ensuring that I wasn't hurting hittinganyone, but still going through different streets without knowing the destination, in the light of the sunset. "oh oh!" I said to myself, "it seems I have no more fuel left". I parked on a nearby a sidehill coast (Bucium) , from where I had an amazing panoramic view of the city (Iasi) so I could meditate.
After a couple of hours of meditation, I fully realized I had nothing to get home by. I started walking across the path, tripped, and fell into a hole that was pretty comfy and warm. it was lighted enlighted by torches, so I could see everything in it. It had walls formed by dust, nothing special, just a cave with a very long hallway. As I was walking, I started to see water, and some kind of trees that looked like palm trees. It was a nice place, and I was greeted by forms of life I've 'd never seen before. These creatures were very nice to me, they served me with their special juice that made me talk their language. After a lot of discovering, I realized I had to go home[cam sec, nejustificat de abrupt], because I realized I'd been gone for a long time, and my parents would have been worried about it. These things with life took me home with the help of teleportation and then I told my parents about[prepozitie] all of this stuff happening to me. I still keep in touch with that those creatures, they're our family now and we still visit each other!!! this was great and really put me out of the bad mood I [s]was having before[/s] had had before

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