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A waste of time......... or not?

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Today is Halloween. I was invited by my friend to come with them to a haunted house. They said it is was new and the best. I had never heard of it until now, but I had decided to join the grup. All of us gathered in front of the house as planned and than we headed there.
          In the first place, it was a really scary place, I mean on the outside. There were it was even some fog which had  surrounded the house, the open windows screamed in the wind, it there was lightning and when the lightning showed up, for a second, a girlís silhouette apperead at the window, but no one saw it.
          As we walked into the house, the door closed, squeaking behind us. We started with the holhall, the living room and thanthen we headed on to the next floor. It wasnít anything too scarry, just, at some point I touched a doorís lock and as soon as I touched it I felt like on the other side it there was a diffrent world, dimension because I could feel something was wrong.
          We wanted to leave, when, the sound of a door closing. We ran to where the sound was heard and when we tried to open the door we couldnít. Initially I thought that it was the wind, but when I turned to talk with my friends and saw we were missing one. All of us started looking for him. When we gathered in front of the door, to see if someone had found him, we saw a shadow and we heard screams from the next floor. We started screaming as we heard something coming towards us.
          In the end, the one we were afraid of were was our friend, Tom, who actually was looking for the bathroom and found the storage closet. Thatís why he was covert covered in toilet paper and was screaming, because it was dark and he slipped on the paper, which was everywhere.
          We tried again the door againand it worked, we considered it was the wind whowhich had locked it and left the house behind us. It wasnít that interesting, just the part with Tom was funny, otherwise we didnít really like it.

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You wrote a very good story. It's an interesting and funny story in the same time. I like your ideas about this topic. I like that at the beginning of the composition you described the atmosphere .  When I read that I felt like I was in a scary place .  I like that at the end you said that it was just the wind that locked the door in your opinion.

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I like your story. It's really good. I like how you described the atmosphere and the haunted house in the same time. I also liked that you made a little bit of suspense.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » A waste of time......... or not?