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You discovered a new place in Romania

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Well, I really didnít want to write about this topic. I donít travel a lot Ďcause I donít have enough money for that, so I havenít seen many places. This being said, I couldnít write about some unreal time when I visited a great oasis of peace in our great country, that just wouldnít be my thing. This being said So , what was I going to do?! I had an upcoming deadline and no ideas. Excellent.
The other night I was scrolling through my ..social media... feed, thinking about my homework, obviously. By that time, I was seriously considering that I should just make up some cliché about a wonderful trip in a totally unknown place in Romania. Ugh, but still, I didnít like that thought. I couldíve done better than that. With that in mind, I kept looking at Snapchat stories, postponing my homework to for the next morning. Typical. At some point, I got so bored I almost closed left my phone and went to sleep, but I surprisingly didnít. Apparently, one of the Snap stories was about a project a girl did had been doing all nightÖ about unique Romanian landmarks. And then, I have seen saw it.
I have a major weakness for flowers, so thatís why this place amazed me. It was a rosary close to Arad which Iíve had never heard of. Just imagine Ė thousands of types of roses around you, the sun comforting their silken petals and your oily, gross skinÖ So relaxing! Thinking about this great scenery, I googled the place like a basic common teenager I am and I found out that the garden has   had bloomed flowers the entire year. I mean wow, thatís certainly something. Why havenít I heard about this place before?
Now that Iíve discovered it, I wish hope  from the bottom of my heart that Iíll get to see it some time. Not just for the great pics I could take there, but because it really seems to be a great, quiet place, since itís not that popular.

P.S This is an a 100% true story. Sorry for writing a boring piece. Couldnít do any better with this topic :/

[the place itself doesn't have to be extraordinary - your experience of it can make all the charm]
[Yeah, well, I can't just change the entire writing now that I have a better idea]

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I love your sincerity. I have never heard of this place, but thanks to you now I know and I am enthusiastic to see this place.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » You discovered a new place in Romania