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The little boy, Levi, was now trying to sleep on his mattresses next to the broken window after the longest day in his life.Slowly, his  younger brother's snores died away, to be replaced by the sound of deep,slow breathing.It took Levi much longer to get to sleep; his body was very tired,but it took his brain a long time to close down. He kept thinking about the earlier conversation with his parents, trying to understand what had gone wrong. His blanket was thin and couldn t cover him all. Outside, the wind was blowing very hard, he could hear the branches moving restlessly and from time to time Levi even thought that the roof would fall
He had to wake up early in the morning and make coffee for his dad, prepare breakfast for the whole family,get dressed, make his bed, sweep the leaves, feed the animals, all this before the waking of his parents. The thought of all this work made him shake. After some time he fell asleep. He dreamed of a day in which he didn t have to do all this chores alone. He could wake up, eat and then leave for school like any other kid from in his village.But his parents wouldn t let him go to school: they needed fim at the farm!
...... Next day he woke up, made his bed, did the coffe, prepared breakfast, sweeped swept the leaves and was now resting on a log outside of the barn where the animals were still asleep. All of a sudden, his father rushed to him: " what are you doing boy?! do u think we have time to rest this much? Had you fed the animals?". Terrified, Levi said yes and his father said no more, but then quickly Levi asked him" [u]Had[/u]  HAVE u considered for letting me attend school? I promise you i will do all my chores and still do my homework in time. I will behave, you wouldn t need to come all the way to school, I can cycle.... all i need is a blackboard that i can pay myself with the money i earned.
The old man didn t say anything.
"so what do you think?"
ok, as long as it doesn t interfere with your work here at home! And you need to come home immediately after school.
The thrilled boy was now jumping with excitement on his way to feed the animals. He couldn t believe he would actually go to school and learn how to write and read and count and and and... who knows what else! He also knew that he needed to spend his time carefully, because otherwise his father wouldn t let him learn anymore.
However, he was sure he could make it.

bine scrisa, povestirea asta :)


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I really like your composition, with its subject and style and all. So many kids in the countryside aren't able to go to school for various reasons and Levi's happiness when his father approves of his plan is understandable. It's great that you chose this topic because it could raise awareness of this sort of occurrence.


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