One of the strangest places in this city is the vegetable market from my neighborhood. Here is a kind of Palas of the elders , where they meet and talk for 3 hours. Today my grandmother went to analyzes and asked me to make her market. I got overhelmed by the variety of products but I got the list out of my pocket and I started to look for . When I almost finished shopping I was getting an elegant lady  with a Chanel bag of 6000 . I started to look at her because I like the bag . Arrived at the potato stand and demanded 2 kg. On the scale she turned over directly into her expensive bag . When she came out of the market , her phone rang!
   She left the bag down and responded. At that moment a gypsy came and , shocking , overturned the woman's potatoes inhis bag and fled. He risked so much for 2 kg of potatoes .
    I would have stolen the bag , I wouldn't have stolen the potatoes . Fortunately I did not have any unafortunate events  in the market aand I got home well.