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Complain about restaurant

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Dear Mr MISTER./Madam,
I AM writING this letter to talk about my disappointment in the treatment I received tonight LAST NIGHT at your restaurant.
When I first came in, I was unhappy to find out that the table I made in advance was already taken by someone else. I had to sit down at a table that was dirty and the staff cleaned it only when I wanted to sit there.
Secondly, I did not have many meals to choose from. The waiter told me he could not offer me the kind of food I HAVE ordered.
Moreover, I would also like to complain about the incompetence of your staff. When bringing the tray he poured the juice on my dress.
Sincerely, I do not think I will ever go into this restaurant again.
Yours faithfully,

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It seems to me that your letter describes a place where I wouldn't want to have dinner. Besides, in your place after the mass incident I would have left immediately.



you really had a bad evening there. in your place I'd never sat on, go immediately into that restaurant



I like this composition. You have been explicit and sincere in details and have respected the parts of a letter as well as the specific introductory and closing formulas. You have made polite comments, as is normal. Moreover, through such a letter and not through a direct scandal, you have manifested your good intentions, which is to be appreciated.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Practical stuff » Complain about restaurant