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Should people be as fashionable as possible

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Today we see more and more stylists who give us advice on what to wear. Do we have to be fashionable or not? In my opinion, fashion is not for everyone, nor should it be for many reasons.
First of all, the way we dress reflects your personality and not everything that shows us the fashion suits us. People should to wear what they like and what's good for them. If fashion shows clothes that we wear and doesn't feel good, we are at a loss. Originality must also be found in our own style. This is an asset in society, to have that thing that differentiates you from the other in a pleasant way, of course.
Secondly, to be fashionable with all the clothes which fashion imposes, you should to have a good financial situation. Not everyone can afford to buy clothes at a high price, sometimes very high. If you want to have a fashion life, you must always be careful on the latest trends. Also,you take the risk of not feeling comfortable and not making a good impression.
Admittedly,being fashionable is also a good thing, because it can make you more popular and appreciated by those around you. However, my opinion is that we have to wear the clothes we like and feel comfortable ..... , having a unique style.
In conclusion, we should wear the clothes that represent us and where we feel good. It is best to have our own style by which we make a good impression.

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Good point! I like your essay very much. First.. Yes.. Yes, you're right. We have to dress up with what we like, not as the world wants, because, basically, we let ourselves be controlled by others which is not right. Not what we're wearing reflects us, but our soul reflects us. I like everything you put in your composition and I recommend you keep it that way! You have a good English!    :writing:



Good job! Your essay is pretty good and I like what you wrote. Many times we try to dress or to make other things, even if it's stupid, forbidden or we hurt ourselves, just to make sure that our classmates and friends will accept us and will not make fun of us. But is more important to do what is right, instead of doing what others tell us to do...



Good point! We should dress just how we like and don't let other people tell us what fashion is. We have to be original and let the people see who we really are. I like your essay, the way you wrote it and how you explained your point of view. Great job!



Hey! I like your work very much. You have a very good point of view! I agree with you and that fashion is not for everyone. Thus, you cannot force anyone to follow the wave of fashion.
Often people dress in a certain way just to impress others, forgetting who and how they actually are.



on the other side of the barricade though, there are certain rules that should apply in the fashion world. for example, at a wedding you should wear a suit and tie. things like this make the world go round, in my opinion


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