For students in Romania, it's common knowledge that at the end of eighth grade they have an exam. The higher the score, the better chances you have of getting into a good high school and having the major you want. There are 3 choices: math and informatics, science and philology.
   I'm not great with computers, so I didn't even take the first one as an option. Also, I've always liked biology and chemistry, therefore I thought I should major in science, but my parents said that I should pick philology since I seemed to have a talent for learning languages. For some time it was like we were playing "Tug of War", they on one side and me on the other, neither team giving up. At one point, we decided to sit down and have a "nice" conversation, in which we could share our motives for choosing a certain major. I went first and explained that by studying science you get more organised, you get a better understanding of the world you live in and develop a mathematical way of thinking. My parents insisted upon philology because I'll learn to organise my ideas, bring good arguments to support my opinions, communicate more efficiently and, lastly, connect with other people through speech. Then they left and I had one week to decide.
   One day, I was coming home when I saw an elderly person on the street. She was walking with a cane, barely moving her feet and her face expressed great pain, probably from her swollen joints. That was when I realised that by studying science in Romania, I'll most likely become a doctor. It is a noble job, but it would put me in contact with a lot of suffering and my sensitivity wouldn't help me then. In the end, I chose philology because the idea of meeting new people, from different cultures maybe, and asking about them, their opinions and their beliefs appealed to me more.

mai ales in punctele mai dramatice, ar trebui sa introduci detalii narativ-descriptive marunte, nu doar argumentative - asta e o povestire

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