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A waste of time

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I think that a lot of things that we do daily  might be a waste of time.
For example a waste of time for most people are those days when you spend too much time on the phone. When you stay on the phone you start checking the social media apps over and over and you donít realise after that , when time passes. Instead of doing that when you get bored or you donít know what to do, you can read or discover new things or practice the thing you like or maybe you could do sports.All these things are better for you and also donít affect your vision ,like a phone does and at the end of the day you realize you have not done anything.Another thing that I can call a waste of time is spending your free time with people who make you bad day or makes you feel sad or uncomfortable.Those kind of people are the toxic ones who are staying in our life more than they should and we donít realise it or maybe we realise it too much later.That is why we need to surround ourselves with positive people who spread happiness and offer love and kindness.

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I enjoyed your post and i really liked that you adressed "the phone problem". I think that you can spend quality time on the phone but the parents should be careful because they give phones to children at a very young age and this can cause really bad problems.
About toxic people they take way too much time than they should. You have to be very careful because all this toxic relationships could destroy you from the inside out and they really are a wast of time. Really good ideas.



I liked the way you present the issue, and I am of the same option, even if itís tempting, wasting time on our phones is just unhealthy. I think itís really important for people in our generation to understand these problems of technology and try to keep away from the risks.



Hey!I really appreciate the way you write and how you say what's on your mind no matter what.You are right in everything you said and i liked the way you expressed it.It is very true that we should stop waisting it on our phones and on social media.I also like that you talked about toxic relationships and that we should surrounder ourselves with people that care about us.Relly good essay but it is,indeed,to short.



You are very right . The biggest problem of the our today's society is the phone . We spend more time than we think staying on the phone , more than we spend with our friends or family . In my opinion , in  our society we care more about other things like money and we don't care about the time we spent ; when we spent our money we can gain it back , but when you spent our time  it will never come back....

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