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You discoverd a new place in Romania

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Well I didn't discover any new place in Romania but if I ever do probably I'll keep it for myself and my close ones. I'll do that, keep the place "as a secret", for that moments when I wanna get out of the crowdy city and relax, spend some quality time with myself. Fortunately I have such a place but it's not "new". However when I usually discover new things, places etc I like to " google" about them, just to get informed and find out new things about me and my preferences. I love to dissect everything about that new place and even learn its history. I am a sensitive person and pretty complicated so I spend my time in another city that is usually full of tourists but no one knows me there and I can be like I am, I mean nonconformist and literally free with no worries and thoughts. But there are also times when I want to be in ....... wild....ness and under the starry sky with my tent, a camp fire and a termos with coffee. I am a dreamy person and I am looking for new places just because I like to know how good I can spend my time in those areas.
Sorry that I don't really have something to say about a new place in Romania but I don't know one  and also I didn't have much inspiration for this subject. Have a nice day!!

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It's super what you wrote. You know that not many can talk so lightly about their person. Some people find it difficult to recognize that they are different among strangers. I'm glad that you wrote this instead of a boring story. Keep it so still!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » You discoverd a new place in Romania