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vegetable market

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Every month, my mother and I go to the market to make supplies. Because is was mid-Octomber, mom decided to buy all that was needed to make herbs and put the pickles for the winter.The market I was in was divided into several sectors. It was one for vegetables, another for fruit, and there were some corners with cheese, milk and more were sold.
My mother needs paprika, cucumber......, tomatoes, carrots, eggplant...., beans, onion and garlic.Also, my mom would take some fruits, such as apples,pears,grapes an quince.... . Because there were too many people i had to hold my mother.
First of all, we went to get cucumbers. My mom wanted to take more today because last yeart they went out well. We had to go to the other end of the market. Then we went to pick peppers. They were at the  next stall. There were large, red, green or yellow. My mother took 5 kg.
As I said, the market was divided into several sectors.My mom told me to wait im front of an apple stall.She went to pay a debt she had to mrs. Viorica. I was curious to start walking through those places.I got to the corner where she was selling milk and cheese.It was salty or sweet cheese, cow or goat milk. I took a pound of cow's cheese. Mom when she saw what i got, she asked me what I wanted to do with her, and I said I wanted some pies. She agreed.
After I went home, I unpacked everything and said that we will be picking up on the weekend and that we will make pies too.

propozitiile ar trebui legate cat mai des cu conjunctii sau doar contopite, sa nu fie o enumerare seaca

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » vegetable market