A vegetable market where I live

    Since I was a kid I have always dreaded going to the vegetable market. I didnít like a single thing about the vegetable market. I think that I started to dislike that place because of the many types of people that shop there. I saw countless  beggars, folks with bad hygiene and so on. I found myself better than all of those people that did nothing wrong to me.
  Anyways, there still were occasions when I had to go to the vegetable market, like when my dad wanted company or help carrying the groceries. One time the most random thing happened, a woman started to sing in the middle of the market like she was an opera singer. People all around gathered to see what was happening. After a minute of singing a group of young people started to sing as well and even dance. The audience went mad. Everybody was screaming and moving around like a bunch of children when they hear their favorite song. At the end we all realized that they were a local art group giving an out of the box performance.
  Honestly, I would never have imagined that such a fun thing could happen, especially while I was at a boring vegetable market. I learned  that life gives all of us moments like this when you can clearly see that this world still has some good in it.

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