Dear Sir,
I am writing in connection to your advertisement in yesterday's show on Tv. I would be verry grateful if you would consider my application for the internship in your Chicago Office.
I am a seventeen-years-old high school student. After graduating I would like to become an actor and this offer seems to me a perfect opportunity to gain experience in the world of television.
Altought I have no formal work experience, I was played in theater plays for children or I was used as a double in some theater scenes, where we did not have very complicated script.
About me, I would like to describe myself as being a motivated person. I am very sociable and I like to spend my time around people. Also, I really appreciate when someone gives me advice or draws my attention when I'm wrong.
All in all, if you wish me to attend an interview, I hope to be available at any time. Thank you for considering my aplication. I look forward to hearing from you.
Your sincerely,

Ruth Smith

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